Questions For Birth Parents: Adoption Plans

For birth parents, adoption attorneys can help craft an effective adoption plan. It is important that each set of parents has separate and independent counsel, however, to avoid the possibility of a conflict of interest. Birth parents have important rights and legitimate concerns, and an experienced adoption attorney can help ensure that those rights are protected, that all questions are answered, and that the birth parents make an informed decision about the placement of their child. The following questions can help birth parents start thinking about some of the important issues. Reviewing the answers with an attorney is an important next step in the process of making an adoption plan for the child.

Why do I want to place this child for adoption?

Is this my own, free-will decision or is someone else (like my parent or significant other) influencing me or forcing me to make this choice?

Does the other parent agree with the decision to place this child for adoption?

Do I want to choose the parent(s) for my child? _______________________

What kind of parents would I like for my child?

    Race/ethnicity ____________________________

    Religion ________________________________

    Age ___________________________________

    Married or single _________________________

    Gay or straight ___________________________

    Number of other children in the family __________

    Education _______________________________

    Dual-career or one parent at home ____________

    Other characteristics

Their reasons for wanting to adopt

Do I want a relationship with the adoptive parents during the pregnancy?

Do I want the adoptive parents to be in the delivery room? _______________

Do I want a relationship with my child after the adoption? ________________

How often do I want to make contact? ______________________________

    Phone ____________________________________________________

    Mail or e-mail ______________________________________________

    In person _________________________________________________

Do I want the adoptive parents to keep me informed, without my initiating any involvement?

Other questions to ask prospective adoptive parents:

Questions to ask my attorney:

Next Steps

Contact a qualified attorney specializing in adoptions.

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